Pre-school links

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Pre-school provision is excellent in Chandler’s Ford, and we have close liaison with all of our playgroups locally and further afield. Our Early Years staff meets regularly with playgroup leaders, especially around transition to school time. Therefore we can ensure the children's transfer to infant school is as successful as possible.  We invite our main feeder pre-schools, Peter Pan and Little Gems to visit the school for different performances and celebrations through out the year.  Key discussions also take place with pre-school keyworkers when placing children in their new classes in year R.


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Community Links    

We understand that as a school we form part of a larger community and as a result of this we work regularly with local business to enhance our curriculum.  This can include carol singing at the airport, working with Alexander Keen, Co-op, Methodist church, local library and various other businesses.



Links with Toynbee School (our principle Secondary School)


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At the beginning of year 6 our pupils and parents will be asked to choose which secondary school they would like to attend. The majority of our pupils go on to Toynbee Secondary School with a few attending Thornden, Crestwood, Kings and Quilley Secondary Schools.

Throughout the year we work closely with Toynbee Secondary School and many of their pupils and staff take part in activities here.

Our children also visit Toynbee to take part in different events including sports, modern foreign languages, maths, literacy and science. We are also lucky enough to have one of the modern foreign languages teachers coming to teach our children Spanish once a week.

Whichever secondary school you choose to send your child to, we will always ensure there is a smooth transition by liaising closely with your chosen school. The children will also have the opportunity to visit before starting in September.