The Infant School and Junior School are now federated and as such have a joint governing body. Governors come into school regularly to look at different aspects of our school life and give us feedback on their views. Part of their role includes monitoring our School Improvement priorities which helps us ensure that we are continually reflective and analytical about our developments, and together strive to continually improve our school.


Governors Newsletter Summer 2017


Name Type Offices        Register of interests Committees Attendance Start date End Date Appointed by
 Angela Morrow  Headteacher    School Staff    100%  01/09/10  N/A  N/A
 Nicky Board  Staff  H&S, Training  School Staff  Resource  100%  02/11/13  01/11/17  Staff
 Paula Moorse  LEA  SEN  None given  Curriculum  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Melanie Hawkins  Co opted    School Staff  Curriculum  60%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Sarah Roberts  Co opted    School Staff  Resource & Curriculum  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Ray Craig  Co opted    None given  Resource  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Natalie Jerams  Co opted  Vice Chair   None given  Resource Chair  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Mary Watkins  Co opted  Resource  None given  Resource  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Clair Phillips  Co opted  SEN  None given  Curriculum  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Debbie Williams  Co opted  Chair  None given  Curriculum  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Miriam Bokhove  Co opted    None given  Curriculum  100%  29/06/15  28/06/19  GB
 Jane Spencer  Parent  Junior  None given  Resource  40%  23/02/16  22/02/20  Parents
 Rebecca Piper  Parent  Infant  None given  Curriculum  40%  23/02/16  22/02/20  Parents
 Stavroula Papageorgaki  Co opted    None given  Resource  40%  23/05/16  22/05/20  GB
 Stephen Mursell  Clerk    None given          N/A
 David Keating  Co opted    None given  Curriculum  40%  23/05/16  22/05/20  GB
 David Simpson  Co opted      Resource  100%  02/01/13  01/01/16  
 Wayne Jeramiah  Co opted      Resource  80%  13/02/13  12/02/16  
 Nicola Brown  Co opted    School staff  Resource  80%  29/06/15    
 David Jerram  Co opted      Resource  60%  29/06/15